The difference between a skilled worker and a white collar worker.

Why choose a career in Construction?

Research Findings:

  • There is a projected 22.5% industrial job growth predicted in the state of Nebraska from now until 2020.
  • Job openings in construction are rising at an even faster pace. The latest JOLTS survey showed a 36% increase in the number of construction job openings year-over-year.
  • Baby Boomers are retiring, leaving vast employment opportunities open for young, skilled workers.
  • On average, construction workers get paid 10% more than all private sector employees in Nebraska.
  • Skilled tradespeople are more in demand, at higher wages, and are more employed in their discipline.

Recruiting Process

Applying for a job at EBM Construction is a step-by-step process. Below, EBM has created an illustrated timeline to aid future applicants in uderstanding the process from start to finish.

Hiring Process for EBM Construction



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