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Design and Facility Planning

At EBM Construction, we understand there are many items to take into account in the planning of a new facility and we are here to assist. We work with our customers to understand their specific needs in order to configure the best possible grain storage, grain handling or feed mill facility.


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New Construction

When the perfect budget and design meet, that is when the construction crew's job starts. Our millwright construction crews fabricate the construction project carefully and systematically. Relentlessly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of every project at hand is what makes us the best.

When the project is complete, the end result is an efficient, highly capable, feed and grain facility.

We are a modern millwright service. Our construction crews maintain a safe working environment and work in accordance with OSHA.


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Project Management

Our Project Managers are one of the many reasons why EBM Construction should be your first choice when choosing an agri/industrial contractor. They deal with the long-term planning of the project, coordinate the subcontractors and equipment, have full and complete knowledge of the construction site, and control the project from beginning to end. They communicate effectively and resolve issues smoothly.


Neligh, Nebraska aerial view

Facility Expansion and Renovation

More than 75% of the expansion and renovation jobs we construct, are with companies who have used EBM Construction in the past. The relationships developed are those of mutual respect and admiration.

Like new construction jobs, we design and implement a plan based upon budget, time, space, and specifications. Unlike new construction, our familiarity with the job site is second nature and the customer feels like family.

When working on a facility expansion and/or renovation for a new customer, we take the time to understand the facility as if it was our own. We ready ourselves by getting familiarized with the production load, the layout of the structure and equipment needed to complete the job.


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Maintenance and Repair

Our services are not limited to new construction, expansion or renovation. From time to time, our customers will need their feed and grain facilities to be maintained and/or repaired. General maintenance and repair is normal and to be expected. No matter how preventative a company may be, typical wear and tear will happen. When this occurs, we are there to help.


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Emergency Shutdowns

In case of emergency, EBM Construction is available 24/7. There may come a point in time in which a company's facility is not working properly or broke down altogether. When these issues arise, we act fast, because time is money.


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