EBM specializes in steel feed mills that manufacture pelleted, mash, and liquid feed for swine, poultry, and beef industries. EBM has the experience and knowledge to help our customers achieve greater efficiency by providing innovative solutions not only in building a new feed mill but also evaluating and renovating or upgrading existing feed mill.  Learn More >


EBM has worked in the cattle feeding industry for many years and has the experience to provide top quality solutions to help feeders maximize their operation and efficiency.  EBM provides unique and innovative solutions to fit each operation and partners with the customer to plan for the future. Learn More >


With EBM’s extensive experience in grain storage and material handling, we work with our customers to provide a tailored solution to fit their current application and future plans while aiming to maximize efficiency.  EBM has worked extensively with grain companies, farmer cooperatives, grain processors, feed manufacturers and farmer owned elevators.  Learn More >


  • Seed Cleaning & Bagging
  • Facility Related Office/Warehouseing
  • Fertilizer Storage & Material Handling
  • Ethanol Plants
  • And many other industries